Diet Problems? Hungry Much?

Diet Problems? Hungry Much?

As you go about your diet plan, chances are at some point or another you are going to run into a problem. It happens to everyone. Things are going along great. You’re seeing wonderful progress and you are finally feeling like you ‘get’ this whole diet game.

Them it strikes. You hit a snag and all of a sudden your motivation takes a turn for the worse. You feelings start to sink as you wonder if things were just too good to be true.

Dietary problems do arise, but fortunately, if you know how to outsmart them you can get right back on track and enjoy the same results you were seeing.

Let’s walk you through some of the top dietary issues that you may face so next time they occur, you can combat them head-on.

Problem: You Are STARVING!

The first common problem on a diet is hunger. Things weren’t too bad when you first started but two weeks in and now you feel like you might just yank that sandwich out of your co-workers hand if they aren’t careful.

This is normal and natural. When you first start dieting, your body has a built up level of fuel stores so you don’t tend to feel as hungry as quickly.

Not to mention that the hunger regulating hormones in the body are all at a normal level since you haven’t been dieting.

But as that diet progresses, this changes. The body starts sensing that less fuel is coming in than it needs and as such, it ramps up that hunger signal in your brain prompting you to eat so that the situation changes.

This can be troublesome but to get around it, implement regular ‘re-feeds’ into your diet. This means taking a day or two and bringing your calorie intake up to a maintenance level.

This will work wonders for not only your overall frame of mind on that diet, but also your hunger level. You’ll finally feel satisfied and when you go back down on that diet, you will be able to control your food intake.

Problem: You’re Starting To Cheat

The next problem is cheating. At first, those brownies were no match for you. You had iron-will power and nothing was going to deter you from the course.

Now however, it’s a whole other story. The pantry practically calls your name, luring you in to take a look with all the goodies found inside.

If food cravings are occurring, start livening up your diet a bit more. Try new recipes, use a new herb or spice, or start baking in a healthy manner.

Sometimes you just need more variety. That should get you more mentally satisfied and keep cravings at bay.

Problem: You Feel Like Death

Finally, the last issue is that you simply feel horrible. You don’t want to get out of bed in the morning never mind going to the gym for a workout.

If this is the situation, it’s time to re-evaluate your diet. Are you getting enough calories? Are you taking in enough carbs? Perhaps a different macronutrient split would work better.

Remember that there is no one perfect diet for everyone. You are clearly not responding well to whatever diet you’re on, so you need to make some changes.

Seek help from a dietician or nutritionist if you need to in order to get this in better alignment.

So there you have the three biggest diet problems people tend to face and how you can get around them. Use these strategies and you will see greater success.

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