How To Look Slim And Tall

How To Look Slim And Tall

Look slim and tall is be every woman’s dream. For those of you who have a rather short body, this tips will help you to look higher and more sophisticated. Actually, our self-confidence that affect ourselves. If we feel confident wearing any clothes, knowing the advantages and disadvantages, we will look elegant and natural by itself. But, whatever expensive clothes that we wear when we still always feel less, there is lack of confidence which is always disturbing.

There are several ways to make you look slim and tall, they are :

1. Short Jacket for Short Body
To you who feel the body has less high, wear a jacket, blazer, cardigan, bolero or short-sized vests, you will look more tall and slender. Avoid clothes that cover your hips. In this way the central part of the body (the waist) can still be exposed.

2. Wearing Dark Colors
Dark colors can give an impression slim. Dark colors have the ability to absorb light / rays. When the light is absorbed, the dark colors give the impression of a narrow and automatically makes you look slim.

3. Avoid The Flashy Color and Colorful Clothes
Flashy color and colorful clothes, especially floral dress will make you look more rounded and short .

4. Choose the Right Tie Waist
We suggest you choose a neutral belt, because it would give the impression more relaxed and one with your body. Avoid belts that are too bling-bling as it would give the impression of wide hips and short.

Try the tips and tricks above, good luck!