What’s Unsafe to Throw Away?

What’s Unsafe to Throw Away?

Gone are the days when we could pitch anything in the trash without a thought. Not too long ago, out of sight really was out of mind – and that was that. Not anymore. As environmental issues become more pressing, it’s time we paid attention to what goes in our garbage cans versus what shouldn’t.

As recycling services have expanded, there’s no longer any excuse not to take part. Common household items like paper, plastic and glass should never go in the trash. These are reusable items that can live as long as we allow them to. Before you think of pitching out your newspaper or plastic shopping bags, think again and put them out with your recycling or take them to a recycling center.

What about that old boom-box that no longer works or the television that’s been around for decades? Electronic items should never be thrown out. The same goes for the batteries that sometimes power them. If you’re unsure what to do with your broken-down household electronics, do a simple Google search for “dispose electronics” followed by your city’s or community’s name. This should produce a list of results nearby where you can take your items for safe disposal.

The same goes for chemicals. Never throw away cleaners, paints or anything you know to be toxic. Pitching these materials in the garbage can lead to them seeping into the ground and into our water supply. Despite the wonderful job our water treatment plants do, they aren’t capable of getting everything out of our drinking water.

Be smart before you throw something away that you know has a better home and a better future than the landfill. This kind of thinking will make our planet a better place to live for everyone.

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