Butt lift as body improvement way

Butt lift as body improvement way

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Butt lift as body improvement way

The tight fitting body hugging garments that are being worn is also making us more aware of our bodies imperfections. It is no wonder that the surgeons are learning newer body procedures, and as techniques have evolved we are finding newer ways to lift or augment certain body parts that in the past we would let age gracefully.

The butt lift is a relatively new procedure. The buttocks lift can be performed as a solo procedure or as part of the total body lift. The procedure improves the contour of the buttock and makes it "perkier".

Obviously, the procedure of choice will depend on what your anatomy is and what your specific goals may be. One has to evaluate the size, shape, and the skin quality before making any determinations.

Removing excess skin and tightening the skin above the upper part of the buttocks will lift the buttocks. If the buttocks are very large, the patient may first benefit instead from liposuction to reduce the overall size of the buttock.

If your buttocks are sagging, but you do not want an augmentation, the butt is lifted by removing tissue and tightening skin. If the sag is minimal, a "butt wedge" excision might be indicated. The tissue is excised at the buttock crease. This leaves a relatively unnoticeable scar at the buttock crease.

As long as the skin is of good quality, then liposuction of these three areas: upper/outer part of the buttock, the love handles, and the outer legs, will give the appearance of a younger larger lifted buttock.

Poor skin is seen in patients that have had a massive amount of weight fluctuation either weight gain or loss. It is also seen in very sun damaged skin, and in the older patient.

The area that has the overhang needs to be carefully evaluated since it can be in three different areas: lower buttock, the inner part of the buttock or on the sides of the buttock.