High Blood Pressure vs. Dr. Pompa’s Healing Diet

High Blood Pressure vs. Dr. Pompa’s Healing Diet
High Blood Pressure vs. Dr. Pompa''s Healing Diet

It seems like nowadays they have a medication for every small thing. Personally for me, medicine or medicinal treatment isn’t always the way to go. In most cases these medications will only make you feel worse or cover up the real underlying problem. Take cough medicine for instance, it might make you feel better in the meantime, but all it’s doing is “covering” up the congestion with a bunch of stuff that isn’t excellent for you to start with. I would rather take the time to do something a small more natural!

Of course if you are dealing with something a small more severe such as high blood pressure you will always want to speak to your doctor first, but most of the time, natural cures are a better aid than high blood pressure medications. These medications can cause more problems, as well as addiction, and complications. Most health practitioners will suggest going the healthy more natural way rather than the medicinal way. And here listed in this article are some of the more natural ways to bring down your high blood pressure.

Bananas: Studies have proven that banana can help to lower blood pressure. Three to four servings of potassium-rich fruits and vegetables are needed daily for an average person. It is believed that by increasing this amount by two fold can benefit your high blood pressure condition.

Canola, mustard seed, or safflower oils: Cooking with polyunsaturated oils can both lower your cholesterol and blood pressure.

Breads: Homocysteine is found around your blood. This substance in fantastic amount is suppose too lower the stretching ability of your arteries. If you have stiff arteries, this translates to extra work for your heart to pump the blood around. Folate lowers the amount of homocysteine which thus makes your arteries more elastic.

Milk: Leafy green vegetables and milk prevents high blood pressure. This is due to the calcium that is found in them. But bear in mind to drink skim milk or eat low stout yogurt.

Cayenne Pepper: Cayenne pepper prevents platelets from coming together and thus facilitating excellent blood flow. You can include this spice in your meal by adding cayenne pepper to the salt-free seasonings listed in the Recipe Box below, or add a dash to a salad or in salt-free soups.

Vitamin C: Vitamin C is an antioxidant which prevents free radicals from damaging artery walls and might also lower high blood pressure. You can take either eat food rich in it or simply take supplements.

You should use these high blood pressure natural remedies to keep your blood pressure in check. But, you should still continue with your regular visits to the doctors to monitor your high blood pressure condition. Also, cayenne pepper is noted as one of the “miracle” cures when it comes to many ailing problems such as stomach aches, allergies, and of course hypertension (high blood pressure). This is the real deal. There are tons of sites online that talk about the natural healing powers of Cayenne pepper, so if you don’t believe me, go do some simple research!

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Husband and wife to be on high blood pressure medication the rest of there life. Both came off high blood pressure medications under the supervision of an MD in 1 and 2 weeks, respectively.

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Is it right that once you start taking High Blood Pressure Medication , you have to take them forever?
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