Certified Nursing Assistant Week – History And Celebration

Certified Nursing Assistant Week – History And Celebration

Being a certified nursing assistant is something you can be proud of.

Certified nurse assistants, caregivers, personal care assistants or direct care assistants, they may have different job titles but they all have the noble job of assisting the sick and the elderly. Their job may not be easy but they do it for the sake of their clients. The Certified Nursing Assistant Week is the time to give thanks and show appreciation on their role.


The celebration of Certified Nursing Assistant Week started in 1977 by Career Nurse Assistants’ Programs, Inc. It’s a non-profit organization which supports nurse assistants. The organization is also known as the National Network of Career Nursing Assistants. This became a yearly celebration usually observed on the second week of June.

Certified Nursing Assistant Week Celebration 2011

This year, it was celebrated from June 16-23, 2011. Family members of patients, organizations which support nursing assistants and hospitals or households where nursing assistants work took time to show how grateful they were for their assistance. There are those who organized awarding ceremonies in which the best nursing assistants were awarded with certificates. Also, different kinds of gifts were given to make them feel appreciated.

Future Celebration for the Event

If you personally know nursing assistants, you work in a hospital or facility with nursing assistants or personal assistants take care of a family member, you can always plan ahead on what to give them for their special week.

A simple way of showing gratitude is by personalizing award certificates for them. You may do the certificates yourself, especially if you know how to design using the computer. Include their photos on the certificates to make it more personal. A simple appreciation will mean a lot to them because they’ll know that their work is valued. If you’re not into designing, there are websites online which offer customized certified nursing assistant certificate of appreciation. There are different designs that you can choose from and they vary in prices. All you have to do is give the information needed on the site for customizing the certificates and you can have them printed. Another way of celebrating the special week is by gathering the whole family or organization together to give special tribute to the nursing assistants. You may present a skit, narration or story which shows how important and appreciated they are.

Certified nursing assistants didn’t have proper recognition that they deserve back then. It’s only in the recent years that people started to realize how tough and important they are to the community.

Nursing Assistants Celebration

Aside from the programs and gifts prepared by their employers or facilities where they work, certified nursing assistants also prepare for the celebration of their special week. Programs are usually made to let them share their lives and experiences as certified nursing assistants. This is to let more people know how noble their job is and how they are able to help the community by taking care of sick people and elders.

If you were not able to join the celebration for the Certified Nursing Assistant Week this year, you can always make it up anytime. You don’t have to wait for another year to show your appreciation to nursing assistants. In fact, you can do this everyday by thanking them for their hard work.