Information for the health, medical aid

Information for the health, medical aid

Last studies of scientists in the field of study of the reasons for impotence in men revealed, that the viruses and microbes in the urine the deriving ways can cause incurable impotence. Such infections available in 99% of men and they all enter into the risk group to become impotents. The symptoms of infection these are pain during the urination, the blood in the urine, frequent urination. To treat these infections is simple in the initial stage and sufficiently complicatedly then.

Arginine erectile dysfunction

October 19th, 2009

And again about the erectile dysfunction. I will resemble that erectile dysfunction this disturbance of the appearance of erection with the sexual excitation. You will not be able to obtain erection and will not be able to obtain satisfaction. You will not be able to conduct sexual report and finally you will not be able to have your children. Gladdens only the fact that in essence this is manifested in men by the age of older than 65-70 years, but unfortunately not only. The cases of young erectile dysfunction in recent years were increased in frequency.

To fight is possible by different methods. It is first necessary to descend to the doctor, to consult, to conduct necessary research and analyses, and possibly also some unpleasant procedures. Possibly you this will help. It is possible to study independent treatment especially if you do not have medical insurance, and this in our time not rarity. With the aid of the Internet you for sure learn all conceivable and not conceivable methods of treatment beginning from the trip to the sorcerer to Tibet and concluding by 3 monthly courses of the antibiotics through the rear passage (joke). As a rule the majority of men does not love it walks according to the doctors begin to be occupied by self-treatment with the aid of all to you to known means Viagra, Cialis, Levitra and some others less known. These medicines are checked by time and their popularity is based at the real cases of healing. I would recommend precisely them, but if you do not search for light ways, then it is possible to try anything other.

Now especially it is possible to employ different allegedly medicinal means, for example L -arginine. This altogether only usual amino acid which influences the circulatory system of lower basin, and it means and penis. The tissues of penis weaken, muscles of penis strain themselves and here to you already inferior, but nevertheless erection. This substance by origin from usual food products, such as fishes, meat therefore to pay money for it or is simple to purchase a good piece of meat or fish to solve only to you. Side effects in this substance are expressed weakly, but if in you is gastritis or the stomach ulcer, disease of the liver or the simply personal intolerance of preparation, then it is better not to use it. Here to you my brief survey.

My personal opinion simple – all these of Bio additive nonsense, the selection of money in honest citizens, I to use them did not begin, but selection after you.

Levitra 20 mg or 5 mg

October 14th, 2009

There are several medicines for treating the erectile dysfunction, but not to all men it is possible to use them in view of different reasons. In many men except problems with the erection or impotence there are the still and associated diseases – diabetes, a hypertonia, diseases warmly vascular. For example Viagra it cannot be assumed with the heart diseases, and is here accessible. Were carried out special studies in the patients of those suffering from the diseases of heart and even were investigated people transferred infarction. Under a constant control of doctors and equipment to them issued the lowered doses of levitra and followed the reaction. They reported after 3 days 86% patients that the erection appeared in them, they feel themselves well. This confirmed the conclusions of doctors, which is possible to assume levitra to people from the risk group, but only after medical examination and approval, if is certain to you not unimportantly your health and your futures.

Viagra cream

October 7th, 2009

Very recently scientists devised and produced new Viagra cream. As showed the first tests this cream it acts almost immediately and it does not have harmful side effects. In the report to the company of producer it is noted about rapid action time, it is not necessary to wait even 20 minutes. Cream acts instantly and directly on the eyes. Many they know that Viagra and to it similar preparations act on the ferment of 5 types phosphodiesterase, but alas these inhibitors have and side effects beginning from the usual headache and concluding by more dangerous actions. And here now scientists decided not to assume inward medicine, but to bring it directly to the penis, but medicine penetrates under the action of nanos-particle the organism rendering momentary effect. Tests now are conducted, but already it is possible to accurately say that effect outstanding

Smoking and erectile dysfunction

September 29th, 2009

The recently conducted investigation confirmed sequential time the opinion of scientists, that the smoking badly influences erectile dysfunction in men. In one of the clinics in Miami immediately several scientists of the cardiological association appeared with the recommendations regarding the prohibition of smoking. Is natural this study not first, but in this case scientists investigated the possibilities of treating the impotence in men which they much smoke. The quality of erection depends on platelets in the arteries or atherosclerosis. These problems hamper normal blood circulation, also, in the penis including. Study carried out on 4000 men showed that impotence suffer to 59% of men of more than those who it smokes. This is very influential reason for us in order not to smoke, you will agree there is above how to think

Treatment erectile dysfunction

September 23rd, 2009

The majority of men can get rid of its problems with the erectile dysfunction. There are several reasons for the erectile dysfunction. Psychological problems, is counted that this very of idle time problem. But if problem physiological that professionals, for example sexual doctors and therapeutists with the aid of the special procedures and the medicines will help to solve them.

Psychological treatment is very effective method, but if it does not help that possibly you it is necessary to resort to the treatment with drugs or even surgical intervention. For treat erectile dysfunction are used the medicines Viagra, Cialis and some others.

These medicines improve erection via the special ferments, which help the reduction of muscles and increase the level of cyclic the guanosine of mono-phosphate which it acts on the smooth musculature of penis, it weakens muscles so that the blood it would better penetrate the cavernous bodies of term. People assuming nitrates and alpha blockers must not assume these medicines. People endured heart attack in the recent 6 months, suffering assaults high or low blood pressures, and also serious disorders of the liver and kidneys must not assume Cialis without the consultation with the doctor.

Viagra – it is necessary to assume 45 minutes prior to sexual report. The effectiveness of the action of medicine depends on the type of erectile dysfunction. Effectiveness Viagra is confirmed in 80% of cases. Viagra helps well if erectile dysfunction it is caused by diabetes mellitus, diseases of spinal cord and by some others.

With a study of the preparation Levitra it was revealed, that the medicine possesses steady therapeutic effect, it acts well even with the first method. It helps the men of all ages, people with diabetes mellitus and men of those transferred operations on the prostate.

Cialis differs from other medicines in terms of its period of action, it remains in the organism of approximately 36 hours. All these medicines are had general side effects, the reddening of face, headache, obstruction of nose. With the use cialis are possible short pains in the spin and the muscles.

Purchase cialis, notes about Viagra, Cialis

September 21st, 2009

Cialis tadalafil this the same medicine as Viagra. Before assuming Cialis desirable to consult with the doctor will become acquainted with the precautionary measures. Cialis possesses some special features in comparison with Viagra. Cialis comes into action after 1 hour of minutes after method and continues to act about 36 hours, but Viagra acts as a rule not more than 5 hours. Use cialis and Viagra is safe, but should be strictly observed all instructions and orders of your doctor or pharmacist.

No one will argue that for many men both Viagra and cialis became the only method to return to the normal sexual life. Many they will say that there exist natural substitutes of Viagra, but as show long-standing clinical practice, such preparations help only small circle of people whose problem with the erection they are connected with the psychological problems and the uncertainty in themselves. To order Viagra and cialis is possible through the Internet and it is possible to purchase in the simple drugstore. Through the Internet cheaper and in many instances is not necessary the prescription and you completely preserve anonymity, no one learns that you they purchased. Delivery is achieved in the opaque packings. Certainly it should be consult with a good doctor and it is not necessary to risk to use cialis, if you have serious problems with the arterial pressure or the heart or you transferred infarction, you be attentive to its health.

September 15th, 2009

All saw much most different advertisement about the treatment of erectile dysfunction. As a rule into it man assumes tablet and he is already ready to restrain immediately several women. Possible in this to eat a grain of truth. But unfortunately not for all all so it is good in the region of treating the erectile dysfunction. In some people by the reason for poor erection it can be some deep fears of phobia in this case one tablet of Viagra not to manage. How did prove recently scientists Viagra it does help approximately 80% of men with the insufficient erection, but what is to be done by rest.? Scientists advise to experiment. If Viagra does not help, then try Cialis or Levitra. You do not want to assume chemistry, then you can be treated by grassy means. Also there is Viagra on the grasses and with the vitamins. Are Viagra with the taste of berries, strawberries for example. Is now in our time to people accessible the much larger arsenal of means than to our ancestors. You remember entire that well moderately and do not fear to experiment.

Treat ED is actual

September 11th, 2009

Levitra (Vardenafil) this medicine is widely known. Men use it for treating their intimate problems. Surely everyone knows that the problems with the erection experience a great many men in the entire world, many of them are subdued to its problems, and others fight. Viagra is the most known medicine for the impotence. Levitra (Vardenafil) acts according to the same principle, but as show studies Of levitra (Vardenafil) is more effective in the men of those suffering precisely impotence. Levitra approved BY FDA can be sold both on the prescription of doctor and without it. After the ingestion of medicine the erection begins not immediately, but in 20- 30 minutes. So that would appear the erection for you will be necessary sexual stimulation. After sexual report the erection passes itself. It is necessary to remember that if the erection does not pass to the flow of 4 hours, then it is necessary to turn to the doctor.

Buying Viagra at Boots

September 7th, 2009

In England the epidemic came. In reality many men after 50 years have themselves large problems with the erection. The company Pfizer – this company produces and sells known to all preparation Viagra it asserts that the market of Great Britain stands in it in the second place after the USA. As assure researchers the majority of people it acquires Viagra in the Internet, that it is not certainly bad. As a rule in the men of those suffering impotence and sexual weakness can be observed both problems testily and diabetes. Last studies show the direct connection between the poor erection and the diseases of heart and vessels. If in you erectile dysfunction begins, then you must know that this can to be (or not to be) the first signal, that in you not order testily. Also impotence can be the first sign of serious psychological problems.

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